Obama is the Pharaoh now?

Apparently so, according to one Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily. (HT Right Wing Watch).

In the minds of the Christian right, Obama is all kinds of things: the anti-Christ, a secret Muslim, a socialist as well as (somehow) simultaneously a nazi/fascist, a Kenyan and now… the Pharaoh! That particular part of the Bible seems to me to be one of the most perplexing (and it’s practically all crazy when it comes to that book). God wants the Pharaoh to release “his people”. How does he do this? Does he perform a miracle, magically transporting them out of there? No, God seems to want to make the Jews escape on their own, by making them beg the Pharaoh to let them go. Interesting how often God’s plan involves a course of action that could have been taken by people living in a world absent of any gods. Had these people heard of and understood Ockham’s razor they would have perhaps been more inclined towards an account of the Jews’ escape assuming at least one fewer unconfirmed being (had the events described been based in reality at all, and modern historical research suggests otherwise). You know, the one not presuming the agency of a supernatural being having any involvement (or even existence), but i digress.

In any case, God seems less than fully committed to this idea of letting the Jews handle matters on their own, he lends a helping hand. That’s nice, you say, he’s not completely absent, he just doesn’t want to do too much for them. Like a responsible parent he gives a little push but encourages his “children” to grow and learn how to handle things on their own. No, not really. First of all, God’s involvement in the events is hardly a mere “push”: he “hardens the heart” of the Pharaoh, rendering him insensitive to Moses’ pleas for freedom, all so he can then punish the Pharaoh for not complying (this is where things get really crazy) by sending all kinds of horrible plagues on the land of Egypt. So… what was the point again? God wishes for the Jews to go free, the Pharaoh refuses, he gets punished (actually, all of Egypt gets punished) supposedly in order to change the Pharaoh’s mind but God simultaneously changes his mind in another way which counteracts any incentive he’d get to release the Jews from having his land struck by plagues!

It’s all very much insane and horribly cruel of course, but at the moment I’m primarily wondering about how, in the deranged minds of the Christian right, any of this applies to Obama. Is Obama about to be punished with plagues for “enslaving” the American people and does God “harden his heart” in order to… what exactly? Make him not “see the light” and the “error of his ways” so that he (and perhaps the whole American people) can suffer for a while before Obama will finally relent and comply with Farah who boldly stands proclaiming: “let my people go!” before this tyrannical, nazi/socialist/Muslim/Kenyan of a president/Pharaoh?


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