The Vatican is smuggling drugs now?

Eeeh, what the fuck? Apparently not satisfied with “merely” raping thousands of children and covering up for the criminals (perhaps emboldened by the absence of any serious legal consequences for said actions), the Vatican is now involved in another notorious criminal activity: drug smuggling! Adding to the absurdity (as well as the hilarity) of this story is the choice of containers to use for the transportation of the drugs: condoms! I guess there are some acts for which the Catholic church endorses the use of those rubbery instruments of birth control…

To preclude the possibility of some serious misunderstanding here (or at least to attempt to minimize it): I understand we have no reason to believe (at the moment and, if I’m going to bet, that won’t change after the investigation) that the Vatican leadership were involved and I realize not everyone living, or merely working, in the Vatican is part of the clergy (so the culprits may be found among the lay citizenry). I’m using this bizarre event for making some fun of the Catholic church, but the pope or others in the leadership are probably not behind this.


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