I’m being followed by tennis players?

This was kind of fun, it’s a list of your “most valuable followers” (I presume based on the number of their followers) on Twitter. I don’t care about ranking at all, but thought it’d be fun to see who follows me aside from random people. Number one was… WTA – Women’s Tennis Association? (I’ll refrain from making a joke based on what happens were the A in the acronym to be replaced with an F to express my puzzlement, it’s just too easy.) I have absolutely no interest in sports so it seemed weird but apparently I was following them first, don’t know how that happened but it’s undone, sorry to abandon my “most valued follower”… Further down in the list we find some that seem more reasonable if you presume big players on Twitter only follow completely unknown people like me if they’re followed by them in the first place. We have: Science Friday, TED News, thinkgeek, Insomniac Games (so far, so good) and… The Heritage Foundation and Karl Rove?! I guess following people and groups based on some common interest even if you don’t like them will lead to you being followed by some who would definitely not be fans of yours were they to know your views, but I never thought I’d get to say that Karl Rove is one of my most valued followers! Shall I run for office here in Sweden with that as my slogan?


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