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“Do Scientists Fear the Paranormal?”

I’ve decided to finally start blogging as opposed to simply posting links with commentary on Facebook. I’ll continue to post links on Facebook when I don’t have anything substantial to say of my own and you can follow my Facebook profile if you want all of that (but I only accept friend requests from people I actually know). Whenever I find myself writing a longer commentary such as this, though, I’ll post it as a blog post on this website instead. Oh, and I think there will be some posts containing only my views and/or opinions on some subject matter not directly connected to blog posts or articles from other websites.

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Now, on to the subject at hand!

An blog post was published on the Tech/Social Media/misc blog Mashable with a (for the blog) rather uncharacteristic (at least in my experience) subject. It tackles the question of whether so called paranormal phenomena and research claiming to find empirical support for it is being ignored by the scientific community.

The article is titled Do Scientists Fear the Paranormal? and here follows my take on it and the subject it treats.

This question in the title is, of course, ridiculous taken at face value, but it is probably designed to catch the attention of potential readers. The content, on the other hand, leaves little if anything to be desired. It’s a rational, calm description of the way that science progresses. It’s an article clearly on the side of the scientists who, quite rightly, remain skeptical of far reaching claims of extraordinary, as of yet undocumented phenomena until the experiments purporting to contain evidence for the aforementioned phenomena can be replicated again and again by other scientists. This is how science works, and it works. There are no alternatives to the scientific method for checking if hypothetical entities have real world counterparts.

The article is a well written take on the preposterous claim that scientists “refuse to acknowledge research that challenge their worldview”. If they did, the immense progress made in science with its countless overthrows of previously favorite theories in favor of new ones in better agreement with observable results, would not have been possible.

It remains to be seen is such sober descriptions will convince those who see a great conspiracy to silence the dissenters and maintain the status quo, but of this, as with the existence of paranormal phenomena, I remain highly skeptical…